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......@@ -33,6 +33,16 @@ Regression/Classification Models | Healthcare/Life
[**Estimate chance of bankruptcy from qualitative parameters by experts**](Qualitative Bankruptcy)<br/>
Classification Models | Finance/Banking
[**Understand driving patterns of Birmingham with respect to time and date**](Birmingham Parking Dataset)<br/>
Regression/Classification Models | Transport and Mobility
[**Explore the effect of time, date and weather on traffic volume on a US Interstate**](<br/>
Regression Models | Transport and Mobility
[**Explore patterns in drug abuse between cities, age groups and racial groups**](Accidental Drug Related Deaths in Connecticut, US)<br/>
Classification Models | Healthcare/Social Sciences
### Intermediate:
......@@ -90,6 +100,18 @@ Classification Models | Energy/Buildings
[**Estimate whether a person’s income exceeds $50K/year**](Census Income)<br/>
Classification Models | Social/Government
[**Predict the condition of a patients liver from their bloodwork**](<br/>
Classification Models | Healthcare
[**Predict future poverty trends in EU Countries**](EU Population Poverty Status Dataset)<br/>
Regression Models | Social/Government
[**Predict the spread of Tuberculosis across the US**](US Tuberculosis Dataset)<br/>
Regression Models | Healthcare
[**Determine if smoking, invasive birth control methods and a history of STDs can lead to Cervical Cancer**](Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer)<br/>
Classification Models | Healthcare
### Advanced:
......@@ -111,6 +133,15 @@ Regression/Classification Models | Business/Web
[**Analyze the text or sentiment of products on Amazon, or recommend products**](Amazon Product Reviews)<br/>
Text Analytics/Sentiment Analysis/Recommender Systems
[**Explore predictive modelling and numerical forecasting techniques**](Portugal 2019 Election Dataset)<br/>
Regression Models | Social Sciences/Government
[**Explore changes in brain activity in humans in the presence and absence of a visual stimulus**](EEG Eye State Dataset)<br/>
Classification Models | Neuroscience/Healthcare
[**Explore patterns in brain activity based on multiple visual and non-visual stimuli**](EEG Steady State Evoked Potential Dataset)<br/>
Classification Models | Neuroscience/Healthcare
### Queries:
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