Cherry-pick changes

Introduced in GitLab 8.7.

GitLab implements Git's powerful feature to cherry-pick any commit with introducing a Cherry-pick button in merge requests and commit details.

Cherry-picking a merge request

After the merge request has been merged, a Cherry-pick button will be available to cherry-pick the changes introduced by that merge request.

Cherry-pick Merge Request

After you click that button, a modal will appear where you can choose to cherry-pick the changes directly into the selected branch or you can opt to create a new merge request with the cherry-pick changes

Cherry-picking a Commit

You can cherry-pick a Commit from the Commit details page:

Cherry-pick commit

Similar to cherry-picking a merge request, you can opt to cherry-pick the changes directly into the target branch or create a new merge request to cherry-pick the changes.

Please note that when cherry-picking merge commits, the mainline will always be the first parent. If you want to use a different mainline then you need to do that from the command line.

Here is a quick example to cherry-pick a merge commit using the second parent as the mainline:

git cherry-pick -m 2 7a39eb0