Closing Issues

Please read through the GitLab Issue Documentation for an overview on GitLab Issues.


Whenever you decide that's no longer need for that issue, close the issue using the close button:

close issue - button

Via Merge Request

When a merge request resolves the discussion over an issue, you can make it close that issue(s) when merged.

All you need is to use a keyword accompanying the issue number, add to the description of that MR.

In this example, the keyword "closes" prefixing the issue number will create a relationship in such a way that the merge request will close the issue when merged.

Mentioning various issues in the same line also works for this purpose:

Closes #333, #444, #555 and #666

If the issue is in a different repository rather then the MR's, add the full URL for that issue(s):

Closes #333, #444, and<username>/<projectname>/issues/<xxx>

All the following keywords will produce the same behaviour:

  • Close, Closes, Closed, Closing, close, closes, closed, closing
  • Fix, Fixes, Fixed, Fixing, fix, fixes, fixed, fixing
  • Resolve, Resolves, Resolved, Resolving, resolve, resolves, resolved, resolving

merge request closing issue when merged

If you use any other word before the issue number, the issue and the MR will link to each other, but the MR will NOT close the issue(s) when merged.

mention issues in MRs - closing and related

From the Issue Board

You can close an issue from Issue Boards by draging an issue card from its list and dropping into Closed.

close issue from the Issue Board

Customizing the issue closing patern

Alternatively, a GitLab administrator can customize the issue closing patern.