Monitoring HAProxy

Introduced in GitLab 9.4

GitLab has support for automatically detecting and monitoring HAProxy. This is provided by leveraging the HAProxy Exporter, which translates HAProxy statistics into a Prometheus readable form.


The Prometheus service must be enabled.

Metrics supported

Name Query
Throughput (req/sec) sum(rate(haproxy_frontend_http_requests_total{%{environment_filter}}[2m])) by (code)
HTTP Error Rate (%) sum(rate(haproxy_frontend_http_requests_total{code="5xx",%{environment_filter}}[2m])) / sum(rate(haproxy_frontend_http_requests_total{%{environment_filter}}[2m]))

Configuring Prometheus to monitor for HAProxy metrics

To get started with NGINX monitoring, you should install and configure the HAProxy exporter which parses these statistics and translates them into a Prometheus monitoring endpoint.

Specifying the Environment label

In order to isolate and only display relevant metrics for a given environment however, GitLab needs a method to detect which labels are associated. To do this, GitLab will look for an environment label.