GitHub import


  • Introduced in GitLab 9.1.
  • You need a personal access token in order to retrieve and import GitHub projects. You can get it from:
  • You also need to pass an username as the second argument to the rake task which will become the owner of the project.
  • You can also resume an import with the same command.

To import a project from the list of your GitHub projects available:

# Omnibus installations
sudo gitlab-rake import:github[access_token,root,foo/bar]

# Installations from source
bundle exec rake import:github[access_token,root,foo/bar] RAILS_ENV=production

In this case, access_token is your GitHub personal access token, root is your GitLab username, and foo/bar is the new GitLab namespace/project that will get created from your GitHub project. Subgroups are also possible: foo/foo/bar.

To import a specific GitHub project (named foo/github_repo here):

# Omnibus installations
sudo gitlab-rake import:github[access_token,root,foo/bar,foo/github_repo]

# Installations from source
bundle exec rake import:github[access_token,root,foo/bar,foo/github_repo] RAILS_ENV=production