Authored by Linda Ween

Social Psychology

Social psychology is a branch of psychology that studies human behavior in social groups and the psychological characteristics of these groups. Therefore, it is very significant to learn social psychology as it gives us an opportunity to deeper understand ourselves and our attitude to some things. Social psychology analyzes the social and psychological manifestations of personality such as conformity and socialization. Thus, I would like to emphasize the key points of conformity as it influences the way many people behave in everyday life. The term “conformism” is often used to indicate passive, adaptive decision-group standards of conduct, unconditional recognition of existing orders, rules, and regulations. In social psychology, the concept of conformity appeared only half a century ago. However, this phenomenon has quickly spread and developed. In 1951, Solomon Hashem conducted experiments in which he proved a great impact of conformism in the life of society. It is worth mentioning that people are often afraid to challenge the prevailing views and opinions in the community or group agreeing with the opinion of those around them. It should be noted that this tendency in social psychology defines the concept of "conformity". In fact, there are some “for” and “against” of this phenomenon. On the one hand, a person who as a defensive reaction starts using conformism can get rid of discomfort and loneliness. On the other hand, it is possible to lose yourself.

To conclude, conformal behavior is a situational person’s behavior in a particular group. Compliance with certain established standards sometimes is quite important for an effective group action. Hoverer, in every situation, a person should analyze whether the group pressure is positive or negative, because “The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself” as Rita Mae Brown said (The Reward for Conformity, n.d.).

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