Authored by Daria Green

A Recipe for Human Behavioral Change

Animal training is a common practice in many societies which involves teaching animals, such as dogs, how to make desired responses to specific stimuli. Some of the most common purposes for animal training include protection, companionship, detection as well as entertainment which may vary according to the animal species involved. Furthermore, depending on the method and environment, these animals can achieve various stages of training. While observing a range of animal training techniques and their effects, Amy Sutherland opts to apply some of the preconditioned methods to improve herself and her 12-year marriage. Consequently, she experienced a great sense of improvement not only by being less judgmental and anxious but also by adding more optimism to her overall marriage experience. It is evident that an individual can change under the most various conditions, and one begins with a self-change to see it in others.

What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage is a complete revelation of life of Amy Sutherland.As a journalist, she seemed to have gained the biggest learning experience in her life. She has not only learned to improve her marriage but also life and love for everyone in the society. For example, she reveals that she has come to terms with the fact that one of the most possible changes in human life occurs within an individual concerned with the change. If one desires a change in another person, then that particular change starts within themselves and manifests itself in the form of a desire to achieve a similar outcome in another person. Change agents ought to become the epitome of the same changes and manifest a relentless desire to achieve it generally in the society.

Having learned the possibility of using the animal training techniques in transforming her marriage, Amy Sutherland began to experiment with such techniques with other people from her circle. Since professional trainers could teach dolphins to flip and elephants to paint, one discovered that some of those techniques could be more powerful tools in changing people.

Sutherland has used an animal training approach to achieve a remarkable improvement not only in her marriage but also in her relationship with other people. The method rendered to be efficient as it made the woman alter her outlook and attitude towards relationships. She started giving the remuneration for the steps which another individual made towards developing the desired behavior. When the person received a reward for a small contribution to their ultimate goal, they acquired a great sense of motivation through appreciation. At this point, one desired to take even more steps towards such improvement with a determination to achieve the desired outcome. The method became so efficient because it provided the motivation to improve the marriage relationships. The practical application of the acquired new vision and principles assisted Sutherland in achieving a desirable state of marriage, which is support-oriented and free from anxiety as well as unfair judgments.

When life proves that the usual techniques people employ in managing their relationships fail, it becomes imperative to adopt more effective methods to maintain the mutual love between partners, the professional relationship between colleagues at work, and warm familial ties between relatives and friends. Married couples often have broken communication systems, which is usually a product of inappropriate attitude towards certain behaviors in their marriage. The main cause of failure in such situations involves the reluctance of each party to adopt more effective strategies of resolving such conflicts. When people insist on the traditional or usual methods of achieving improvements in their marriage, there are higher chances that they may face a relationships crisis.

In conclusion, animal training techniques seem to have the positive effect on human relationships. The secret of this success is hidden in the fact of understanding the mutual desires and providing remuneration for every step the partner takes towards the improvement of relationships. The practical application of the animal training techniques resulted in obvious enhancements of the marriage, which became free from anxiety, misunderstandings, but full of joy, mutual support, active listening, joy, and love. This practical usage of the animal training techniques bolsters further researchers in the sphere as it could help save the relationships and reduce the divorce rates. More articles like this are on

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