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A person can say that they are responsible for something if they serve not only their own, but also other people’s interests. To be responsible, a person should be the one to decide what duties he/she should perform without anyone telling him/her to do them. A person in charge is the one who achieves what they want by making their choices. Depending on one’s age, position or social status and capabilities, a person can be responsible not only for themselves, but for other people as well. For example, parents have to be accountable for their children since they model their values by being examples of good behavior. Children watch what their parents do and try to emulate them when making their choices. Celebrities also act as role models for their fans. In the modern society, musicians, actors, sports people and even politicians influence the choices of many young people. They, therefore, need to act in a responsible manner to impact positively their followers since they contribute much to their sense of self-belief and morality. To be responsible human beings, people need to be obedient, have a peaceful and positive attitude and be accountable for their actions. This paper published by, therefore, discusses my point of view of the idea of responsibility and the areas of life I feel I am responsible for.

Every person has responsibility for their success in life as it depends on how they respond to the challenges, how they seize the opportunities that come their way, what decisions they make and the initiative you take to take control of their life. My sense of responsibility does not revolve only around my family, friends, and schoolmates, but also around other areas of my life that influence my day-to-day choices, for example, my country and the environment. To my family and friends, I am bound to act as a good role model for my siblings, relatives, and friends. One’s actions make a person responsible not only for what he/she does, but also for others’ actions, which are a result of that person’s actions. This statement means that I am responsible for my actions and moral stands that are emulated by others, and they should, therefore, influence others in a positive way. At school, as a student, I am responsible for my success in my studies; this is significantly affected by the way I receive my education and my ability to relate to my friends and course mates. Every choice made is a key used to show my level of responsibility.

It should, however, be noted that one cannot be responsible for everything; there are some things that are out of our control. For example, one cannot control other people’s feelings and the choices they make. All people can do is ensure they know their limits while trying to be responsible for their actions. Regarding this issue, I can say that I am not responsible for other people's actions since I do not govern anyone, and thus, all I can do is offer advice to someone, but not take the blame for their wrongdoing.

Social responsibility means that every individual should be responsible for their social, cultural and economic environment. This can be achieved by being a participant in a community and take part in environmental activities. Decisions and choices made today influence the environment in which we live. The situation remains the backbone of all activities we do, and I believe that to ensure a sustainable environment, we should make changes in the direction we have taken. The responsibility of providing a better world tomorrow lies in the choices I make now. The sense of liability for a greener and cleaner environment should influence the decisions people make when buying products. When people share responsibility for both success and failure, it makes them more responsible not only for themselves, but for others too.

Any citizen has a role to play in ensuring that their country is being properly governed, and this is what I take seriously. It is my responsibility as a citizen to participate in state affairs. For instance, everyone should take part in the activities that involve civil engagement such as voting, which ensures that the right politicians and state officials are elected to office. This form of responsibility insures that the state’s finances are used and injected into the right projects.

Responsibility is s person’s choice to undertake certain duties, and it should not be laid on them. Many people view responsibility in regard to discovering who is to blame for an individual task, but this is not what it really is. To be called a responsible person, one should be accountable for their actions. People are responsible for themselves and also for how others emulate them. Therefore, parents should make decisions that instill good values in their children. People are responsible not only for their immediate family, but also the society they live in as most of their choices influence the future. It is also everyone’s duty to instill the sense of responsibility in children to make them meaningful as they grow.

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