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Datasets to be made public
# Data Sets to Uplift your Skills
+ Data Science Dojo has added 30 data sets to this repository.
+ The repository carries a diverse range of themes, difficulty levels, sizes and attributes.
+ They offer hands-on practice to boost their skills in exploratory data analysis, data visualization, data wrangling and machine learning.
+ The data sets below have been sorted with increasing level of difficulty for convenience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
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### Beginner:
[**Find out the age of Abalone from physical measurements**](Abalone)<br/>
Regression Models | Environment
[**Predict student's knowledge level**](User Knowledge Modeling)<br/>
Classification/Clustering | Education/Web
[**Can you predict the price of a house?**](Real Estate Valuation)<br/>
Regression Models | Real Estate
[**Can you estimate location from WIFI Signal Strength**](Wireless Indoor Localization)<br/>
Classification Models | Mobile/Location
[**Predict acceptability of a car**](Car Evaluation)<br/>
Classification Models | Automobile
[**Predict seminal quality of an individual**](Fertility)<br/>
Regression/Classification Models | Healthcare/Life
[**Estimate chance of bankruptcy from qualitative parameters by experts**](Qualitative Bankruptcy)<br/>
Classification Models | Finance/Banking
### Intermediate:
[**Can you predict the fuel-efficiency of a car?**](Auto MPG)<br/>
Regression Models | Automobiles
[**Was that chest pain an indicator of a heart disease**](Heart Disease)<br/>
Classification Models | Health Sciences
[**Predict total number of demand of orders**](Daily Demand Forecasting Orders)<br/>
Regression Models | Business
[**Find out if a donor will give blood in March 2007**](Blood Transfusion Service Center)<br/>
Classification Models | Business
[**Forecast pollution level of a city**](Beijing PM2.5)<br/>
Regression Models | Environment
[**Will the patient survive for at least one year after a heart attack**](Echocardiogram)<br/>
Classification Models | Automobiles
[**Estimate compressive strength of concrete**](Concrete Compressive Strength)<br/>
Regression Models | Civil Engineering/Construction
[**Discover patterns relating liver disorder and alcohol consumption**](Liver Disorders)<br/>
Classification/Regression/Clustering Models | Healthcare
[**Predict which stock will provide greatest rate of return**](Dow Jones Index)<br/>
Clustering/Regression/Classification Models | Business/Finance
[**Assess heating and cooling load requirements of building**](Energy Efficiency)<br/>
Regression/Classification Models | Energy
[**Determine the type of glass using oxide content**](Glass Identification)<br/>
Classification Models | Physical
[**Predict chance of survival**](Hepatitis)<br/>
Classification Models | Healthcare
[**Find patterns from spending data at wholesale**](Wholesale Customers)<br/>
Classification/Clustering | Business/Retail
[**Group similar travel reviews**](Travel Reviews)<br/>
Clustering/Classification Models | Domain: Web
[**Relate returns of Istanbul Stock Exchange with other international indices**](Istanbul Stock Exchange)<br/>
Regression/Classification Models | Business/Finance
[**Predict bike rental count (hourly/daily) based on the environmental & seasonal settings**](Bike Sharing)<br/>
Regression Models | Social
[**Detect Room Occupancy through Light, Temperature, Humidity and CO2 sensors**](Occupancy Detection)<br/>
Classification Models | Energy/Buildings
[**Estimate whether a person’s income exceeds $50K/year**](Census Income)<br/>
Classification Models | Social/Government
### Advanced:
[**Detect Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) cases**](Autism Screening Adult)<br/>
Classification Models | Healthcare/Social Sciences
[**Estimate the probability of Default**](Default of Credit Card Clients)<br/>
Classification Models | Business/Finance
[**Predict if a note is genuine**](Banknote Authentication)<br/>
Classification Models | Banking/Finance
[**Find a short term forecast on electricity consumption of a single home**](Individual Household Electric Power Consumption)<br/>
Regression/Clustering Models | Electricity
[**Predict the number of shares on social networks**](Online News Popularity)<br/>
Regression/Classification Models | Business/Web
### Queries:
**Can I use these datasets for my project?**<br/>
Sure! You're totally free to do so.
**Can I add a dataset here**<br/>
Send us a pull request and we'll discuss
**There seems to be a problem here.**<br/>
If you find an issue, kindly raise it using help of this [link](
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